Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tales of an Overdramatic Senior

I have a really bad case of senioritis.

Seriously, I don't know how anyone is putting up with me right now. I would like to thank my roommates, friends, and family for their patience.

Sometimes when I have been on campus too long hunger and fatigue completely take over my body. I start to fall asleep on random benches or I say outlandish things that students and teachers tease me about later. It's funny I guess.

Sometimes I think I have cancer, other times I burn my esophagus and have to get x-rays and take steroids for 2 weeks.

Sometimes I get in a car with my roommate and try to drive home from the airport, or to FHE. This normally ends up with us swerving off the road into a ditch, and having a fence stop our momentum (later to be saved by two Mexicans who spoke absolutely no English. They pushed Gus all the way back onto the road). Another time this ended up with us on some crazy back roads with trenches and mud and no cell phone reception. I'm just glad we made it out.

Sometimes I decide that I can take 18 credits, and plan a campus-wide simulation, and attempt to have a social life. Which led to my teacher issuing instructions for a class assignment that included: "it can't be Jari writing it down because I'm pretty sure she is going to explode if she gets asked to do one more thing so someone else be the scribe. We don't want exploded Jari bits getting all over stuff."

Sometimes I scream. Mostly only in my apartment or when I'm in a car with my roommates, but there is definitely a lot of screaming.

Sometimes my excitement is too much for my body and I end up laughing hysterically for close to 13 minutes.

Sometimes I stay up late. Sometimes I sleep all day.

Mostly I just survive.

But you want to know what's okay about having senioritis? The senior part. I'm so close to being done. I just have to do a couple more papers, just a couple more tests, just a couple more projects and I'm out of here!