Monday, April 19, 2010

An Update

I haven't sunshined in a while tons has gone on, life is crazy, I still write like a see spot run book.

-Gus-gus the Nissan is undergoing surgery. He's getting a new engine. This is happy.
-I participated in the Model Arab League, I did really bad. I did, however; learn a lot about Saudi Arabia and parliamentary procedure AND went to Montana for the first time ever. Cool.
-I've been homeless. For over a week now. It's getting old. I slept on a park bench, and am currently mooching off the kindness of my friends and their willingness to give me beds to sleep on and good food to eat. I hate mooching. I hate not having a home. This is not fun.
-I leave for Mexico in a matter of 4 days...I also do not know where my passport is. It's ok though. All will be well.
-I have been visiting abandoned houses. They make me happy.
-I like to swim, I have friends who like to swim, we went swimming.
-Hamburgers, they just rock house.

I've been doing lots more, but my brain is mush and I have class in 10 minutes, so this is all for now.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bad Karma, Good Weekend

I'm all out of luck. This past week I had the bright idea that I would pack up all my things and start to move out of my apartment. It had been sunny for pretty much an entire week straight, so I figured I would be set packing up everything, including winter clothes. I was terribly wrong. As soon as I got ready to take things to the storage unit I found out it had been snowing lots, great. So now all I have is a little zip-up to keep me warm, that's fine. At this point I also had the bright idea to get my oil changed, seeing as it had been awhile and I was headed to Utah the next day, I thought it would be smart.

So I came home, a little unhappy with the weather gods, but life goes on. I got ready for a Pi Sigma Alpha event, went out to my car and lo and behold, it wouldn't start. So now I was bare-legged, in a skirt, walking through the snow. Awesome.

Turns out that there was something wrong with my battery and I got it fixed the next day before leaving for Utah. All was well. Until I got to the Salt Lake Airport, and after picking up Annalee, Blake, Adam, and all their luggage started to hit the road again. Before even getting to the freeway all the lights on my dash flew on, the power steering went out, and the car shut down.

So a tow truck, car examination, rental car, and four hours later it was determined that the oil changers forgot to put a drain plug in; and now my engine is blown potentially totaling my car.

So that was plenty to put me in a bad mood, and even though Annalee keeps telling me that I wasn't, I know I was a pain in the butt to hang out with the rest of the weekend, but I did have fun.

While Adam and I were waiting to hear about the car we explored the Pep Boys store, got into a sword fight with wire brushes, tried on biker helmets, and tried not to get kicked out. When the four of us all got back together again we went to chipotle, and ate yummy food. We were pampered at Ranae's. We were able to see Randi and Devin, and Jordan and her boyfriend Ammon. We even got free strawberry shortcake. We went to the Saturday afternoon session of conference, which means we were there for Elder Holland's talk, which was awesome. It was just nice to be with family, to not have to do school work. It was great. I love Annalee, Adam and Blake so much, and thank them so much for putting up with me this weekend. I needed it.