Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mission Log: 29 May 2013

we burnt socks for my year mark
My girls!

Because sometimes I think in lists…
These things I love:
My nametag, being a missionary
Family History
New Jersey
Rice and beans
Different accents
My companions
Sun showers
Spanish and Portuguese
The little potted plant that lives in my kitchen window
The Book of Mormon
Running every morning
Meetings where I get to see my mission president and his wife
Feeling the Spirit and recognizing it
Talking to random people from all over the world
Praying with and for people that I just met
Reading the scriptures with my friends
Trying new foods from different countries
Not using and GPS and not getting lost
Writing in my journal
Realizing that my life is actually a fairy tale, life goal accomplished
Singing hymns
Pictures of my family and friends
Quality chocolate
Developing talents
The innocence of children
Early mornings
Feeling tired after a good day of work

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mission Log: 20 May 2013

Sometimes life is full of tender mercies. I have been craving banana bread for my entire mission, but I haven’t had the time to make it. I was telling my companions about how much I want banana bread and how banana bread reminds me of my dad and I went on and on about all things delicious, wonderful, and banana bread. That same day one of our members texted us and said that she had a ton of left over cupcakes and asked if we wanted them. Of course we want left over cupcakes, this woman literally bakes for a living, and her food is delicious! When we got there it turns out that they were banana bread cupcakes AND they were frosted with dulce de leche. It was perfect. Not a big deal, sure, but for me it came as a small reminder that God is aware of both or needs and our wants. He can take care of the tiniest things, like my craving for banana bread—surely He can and will take care of all other things, if we but trust Him.
Sometimes when the storms of life start beating down on us we are quick to ask “Master, carest thou not that we perish?” I love the Master’s response. He, who has power to control and calm all things, calms the storm and then inquires as to the faith of his friends.
Developing faith is often difficult, but I know that prayer and taking the scriptures seriously help. I know that the Lord wants what is best for us. I know that there is a purpose to all things that we experience in life. I know that if we are faithful and obedient that joy is ours. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mission Log: May 13th, 2013

So, I'll write more later. But I wanted to send a picture from the baptism. :) 
My Mission President and his grandkids came to the baptism. I taught the little girl how to say "I'm a daughter of God" is Spanish, she and I are pretty much best friends now. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mission Log: 6 May 2013

I’m convinced that we often do much more good in our lives than we are prone to think we do. I really think for the most part that people are good, or at least they want to be good. I think that people want to help others. I think that people want to feel happy. I know that true happiness comes by living the principles of faith and repentance. As we learn more about Christ and follow His example we become happier, it is a natural result.
We visit a woman who is very timid and sometimes I mistake her shyness as rudeness. I assumed that she didn’t like us at all and was simply putting up with us whenever we came over. On Thursday night she randomly called us around 9pm and asked if she could please make us lunch the next day. I was so surprised at the offer, and of course we accepted.
When we got to her house the next day we found a feast waiting for us. She had prepared so much food, just for me and my companions. Then she slowly and deliberately got out the nicest plates and cups she could find and bustled around the kitchen as she served us.  She was quiet the entire time, as usual, but there was a huge smile on her face the whole time we were there. We shared a message about prayer before we left and then gave her hugs goodbye. Before we walked out the door she thanked us for coming, something that she had never done before.
I’m sure that for a woman as shy as her that it was such a challenge to call the missionaries at night, when she wasn’t sure if they were awake or asleep. I know it took time to prepare, serve, and clean up the meal. I know it was out of her comfort zone to give us each a hug and thank us for our visit, but she did it anyway. She did things that were hard for her so that we could know she loves us and wants to serve us. I felt the Spirit so strongly in that visit and I was touched by the example of self-sacrifice demonstrated by this woman.
Each of us has different trials or temptations. We are each asked to step out of our comfort zone, to change, and become the people that we have the potential to be. I am so grateful for the gift of repentance made available through the atonement of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the option I have to make changes in my life that help me to bless the lives of others and come nearer to God. I am thankful for a timid woman who demonstrated the love of the Savior by overcoming her fears and giving me a hug.
It’s been a good week, full to the brim with miracles. I’m a lucky girl to be here in New Jersey serving my friends. I live a charmed life.