Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Sunshine

You know, some days I just sit back and think "could my life be any better?" sometimes after I think that my life gets dramatically worse and then I wonder why I would ever jinx it like that. But sometimes it really does get better, and just keeps getting better and better. Oh, I love those sometimes. This week there were a couple of those.

EFY: I now will definitely be working 3 weeks. I may pick up a couple more, but 3 weeks suits me just fine. 3 weeks of games, junk food, scripture study, cows, dancing, testifying, learning new things, meeting new people, convincing teenagers that the standards are awesome...oh how much I love efy.

Africa: So I've been terrified for months trying to figure out where I would live in Africa. Nothing seemed to be coming together. So I sent out a facebook cry for help (it was more of an outlet to complain, but something actually came of it). Next I was messaging a girl from South Africa whose grandmother rents rooms and has a preference for mormon tenants. Awesome, there was only one problem, she lives too far away from the UN office for me to walk to work. After exhausting all my other options I decided to call this sweet South African, mormon grandma. I now have a place to live, someone to drive me to church, someone to drive me to work, American home teachers, university age roommates, dinner every night, and a ride to work every morning. Talk about a blessing! I am so so so grateful. Now I just need my internship coordinator to e-mail me back and I'll be in business.

Florida: The weather is perfect outside, seriously perfect. I ate my dinner outside, read my scriptures out side, let the dog roam around outside. It was so delightful. Another thing I love about Florida, pet names. I love being called baby, sugar, honey, sweetheart, and beautiful by complete strangers. So comforting in such a weird and simple way.

Clean sheets: My bed smells like a meadow.

Ideas: My brain is always buzzing with a new idea. I've got some good ones stewing in there. We'll see where they take me, but I really do believe the cliche "anything is possible."

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing: Listened to it lately? You should.

Countdowns: 4 days until I'm done at work, 5 days until Courtney, Israel and Disney, 39 days until I leave for Africa (I was off on last weeks count), 131 days until EFY...ok all those numbers are exciting except for the last one. I try to live my life in the present, but sometimes the future is so exciting I can't help myself.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I really need to fix this camera situation. Yep. This past week went by incredibly fast, I'll do my best to recall everything that happened. Hopefully I won't sound like a broken record on some of these things.

1. Sleep: In bed by 9:30 on more than one occasion this week. Oh how I love a good night's rest.

2. EFY: I will for sure be doing 2 weeks of efy, possibly 3 or 4. I am beyond excited! I almost want to start a paper chain countdown. I am truly, madly, deeply in love with efy and am so excited to do it again.

3. Sister, Sister: I know, I know. I talk about her every week. But, she's pretty much my favorite person in the world. This week's adventure included skipping institute to roam around the mall and eat our weight in cinnamon rolls. Mmmm.

4. Birthday: I love birthdays. The concept of celebrating the fact that someone entered the world and is still here alive and well, genius. Complete genius. Annalee said goodbye to her teenage years and is now twenty. I would say that she is now a real woman, but she hasn't produced a child yet, so I'll hold on that. Anyway her birthday festivities included Buca Di Beppo and Medieval Times. Basically we stuffed our faces all weekend long. Perfection!

5. Skype: Thank you for making Rexburg accessible from my bedroom. Love you.

6: Pentel multi-colored pencil: I now own one (again) and it is scripture marking glory!

7: Hiring: I think dad hired someone to replace me, which means I may go to Africa in peace without feeling guilty for leaving them empty handed. Thank heavens. Speaking of Africa, 44 days. But who's counting?

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I love honesty. I love honesty so much that my brain ends up thinking in segments that always start with "truth..." and then are followed by something about my life. I needed some place to put all of these truths, I figured blogs are good for this sort of thing.

Truth, I flirt with old men for a living.

Truth, I would rather talk about globalization than sports.

Truth, I hate listening to ignorant conversation.

Truth, I read Audrey Hepburn quote books and agree with every line.

Truth, I love lists.

Truth, I think anthropologie is my personality in store form.

Truth, I hate not getting my way. Hate.

Truth, I love surprise parties.

Truth, I'm way more latin than I let on.

Truth, even if I had someone to love I'd still think Valentine's day is the worst idea since white bread.

Truth, I enjoy crying. It's cleansing.

Truth, I want a spontaneous, disney-esque parade scene in my life. Just once.

Truth, I seriously can do just about anything I set my mind to.

Truth, I require affection on a daily basis. In fact, since birth I don't think I've gone a single day of my life without at least a hug.

Truth, I think umbilical cords are the most disgusting thing ever.

Truth, I'm a good listener, but if given the chance I will talk your ear off.

Truth, I hate hate hate being alone. Hate.

Truth, I'm afraid of the dark.

Truth, I can't keep my own secrets to save my life, but I will take other people's secrets to the grave.

Truth, somedays I want my life to turn into a sappy boy-meets-girl love story that Molly Ringwald would be proud of and other days I want to be a career hungry, pant-suit wearing professional who never has time for a man.

Truth, writing this list makes me feel pathetic.

Truth, I'm going to post it anyway.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Crazy week. So busy. So happy.

1. I have a job. I have a steady pay check. I'm getting out of debt. I may not like it, but it's so good to me. Speaking of work, pay day happened this week. Happy.

2. My sister is the best. I love that I can tell her anything and everything. It doesn't matter how ridiculous, biased, or plain wrong I may be about what I'm saying, she'll listen. Sometimes she'll even laugh at my jokes, how flattering. After years and years of sharing a room with that girl I have no barriers with her, and her company is always refreshing. Also, her husband is the best. I love spending Tuesday evenings with them.

3. Krispy Kreme doughnuts. First of all, their deliciousness knows no bounds. Second of all the people who are attracted to the glory of Krispy Kreme are super nice. I had no cash (that's right, no cash for a 99 cent doughnut) and the card machine was broken. Of course my doughnut had been devoured before I even reached this part of the exchange, but a friendly stranger handed me a dollar with a smile. I love nice strangers.

4. Defrumpification.
I have bangs on my face. Apparently they make me look 13? I don't care, I like them.

5. The Biggest Loser. Probably my favorite television show ever. It's the only television I make time for these days actually. I just really like watching people change their lives for the better. Maybe one day I'll be brave and kick my bad habits to the curb. Until then, I'll just cheer on the contestants.

6. When I'm reading my scriptures and thoughts like "homegirl, prayer isn't a magic-8 ball" come to my mind, and I attribute them to the spirit.

7. This talk it's from the December Ensign so it has a Christmasy vibe to it, but is completely applicable to daily life. My goal for the week is to fear not.

8. Praise by song. One of my dearest friends, Sue Hunter, is the stake youth choir director. In preparation for stake conference she has put together some songs focusing on faith in Christ. She has asked the Young Single Adults to join the choir as well, so I did. The spirit is so strong as we sing, and I really don't have the right words to express the feelings and the special testimony that is felt through song. Instead I'll borrow the lyrics "Oh sweet, the joy this sentence gives. I know that my Redeemer lives!"

9. Blog stalking. That's right. I read your blog, your relative's blog, your college friend's blog. I read 'em all. I'm obsessed and I don't care who knows it. It's amazing and hilarious the types of things people choose to publish on the internet. Although, I guess I'm one to talk.