Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Sunshine

1. My most darling friends

who sometimes encourage me to eat like a glutton

My friends Bruce, Kallie, Nathan and I each finished one of those ginormous burgers all so that we could have our picture taken, and posted on the wall so that we could live forever as a decoration in a burger joint.

2. The hot springs. I love water, I love being warm, I love doing both at the same time while in the company of people I love.

3. The invention of the cellular phone. I love mine. I love that it lets me talk to my mommy a million times through out any given day.

4. Frozen yogurt. Specifically the new Twizl Berry in Rexburg. This place makes my taste buds happy. I ate there twice this week alone. I see a very unhealthy trend in my future.

5. Having my own room. A blessing that this semester would have been impossible to endure without.

6. 9 cent music downloads, so I can have music without feeling like a pirate.

7. That I've started to remember my dreams again. Some of my more recent ones have included stair acrobatics, guitar sessions, trips to Tonga, Sunshine concerts (speaking of which, if you have time you should check this girl out, I love her and her song makes me happy: The Tale of a Whale). Oh I love my dreams.

8. Devotional. I love that, unlike at home, I get to have a spiritual, uplifting meeting TWICE a week. Sunday's and Tuesday's, you make my week complete.

9. The temple. I hadn't been yet this semester but I was able to attend with members from my ward on Friday morning. I forgot how much more at peace I feel when I'm there. I forgot how aware I am of my Heavenly Father and his love for me. I really love the temple. I wish I was one of those people who was really good at feeling the spirit strongly all the time, but since I'm not I'm glad I can go to the temple where everything seems more right.

10. Brother Adamson, one of my professors. He always showers me with compliments and makes me feel really good about myself as a student and gives me lots of good plans for my future. If I ever amount to anything it will be because of him.

11. Youtube. Thank you for letting me waste a lot of time enjoying all the silliness that you contain.

12. Conversations with good friends that last until 3 am and can range from spiritual to silly to emotional to contemplative to simply getting to know each other better. I like to talk. I like to connect with people. It had been a while since I'd stayed up that late talking, it felt nice.

13. That I have a really low maintenance job. I love that I can do something and get paid for it, but that it doesn't absorb a huge part of my life. My job may feel meaningless, and I may complain sometimes, but I really do love it.

14. Spiral binding. This is just one of those simple things that I love. I went and got my new relief society book spiral bound and I am so excited to go to class today and not be constrained by a book that refuses to stay open on the page I need it to. It's the little things.

Cheers to a week gone by, cheers to a week ahead.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I enter the blogging world

I'm taking a family history class this semester, and we were required to choose from a list of pertinent semester projects. Some of the options included compiling journals from relatives, doing geneaology and temple work _x_ amount of generations back, compiling my own history, or start a blog. Since I have family history guru's on both sides, most of the stuff mentioned has already been done, and I would feel like a dead beat for taking an A based on the work they did. So here I sit, starring down a computer screen, ready to type in my life happenings into this little box for my future generations, and the rest of the internet world, to read. Huzzah.

2010 is still pretty fresh, and I am still amazed by the fact that I have a very vivid memory of the happenings over the past decade, and so with out further ado I present a decade of highlights:

  • 5th grade science class: the albino rats, the pig project, the cow tounge
  • The strike on the hill, we were way to cool to be forced to run around at recess
  • Fort Basketball games
  • 5th Grade graduation, first class to graduate from the new school
  • Starting middle school, more importantly, learning to play the flute


  • The traumatic "my friend stabbed me in the back" experience
  • Jari/Corrie/Emily sleepovers
  • My las year with Eisenhower soccer, combining with the rival soccer team to become "Vipers United"
  • Moving from 22nd flute to 6th flute right before the concert, which means I got to sit on the front row for the concert.
  • The train song
  • The perm
  • The music festival
  • The fires, and yard remodeling
  • Middle school volleyball
  • The diagnosis, the tears, the visits, the funeral, and trying not to laugh through the grandkids song because I really don't handle sad situations well at all.
  • Cleaning through the home of a pack rat
  • Moving to Florida. Rain. Lizards. Black people.
  • Atlanta trip
  • Flute solo competition for Mrs. Rose
  • Moving again, Ocala
  • The shoe game
  • Riding in cars with Amanda McKinney
  • After school adventures with Becky
  • Annalee went to Brazil
  • Zoom
  • Mutual activities
  • First EFY, the purple bow tie club
  • Braces
  • More High School, I think I purposely forgot a lot of that
  • Scored my first goal of my 8 year soccer career (I'm a defender)
  • I was in the same EFY group as Blake, strange
  • Brazil
  • Brazilian family, noise, Frances beach, fried cheese, pineapple drinks, churassco
  • My first concert, Saia Rodada
  • My first kiss
  • New Years Eve in white on the beach
  • Lunches at Tia Vaniha's
  • Moved back to the US
  • Worked for Brazen (Teen Abstinence Program)
  • Went on my first date
  • Was introduced to and fell in love with Gus Gus the Nissan. We've been going 3 years strong.
  • I was made seminary president...I made a cute sign for the classroom. It's still hanging there.
  • I went to my first Russ New Year's Eve fire
  • I had my first boyfriend
  • Psychology class with Mr. Gwynn...better known as Gwynnbo, or Gwynn Green
  • I started to hang out with the FPP, which means I was introduced to Moe monday, the limepits, Sister Russ' cinnamon rolls, late night/early morning Denny's runs, Mamba Jamba, snorkeling, and I skipped my senior prom to go to Wet'n'Wild...and got kicked out
  • I swam with dolphins
  • I graduated from high school, and haven't looked back since
  • My family and I went on a vacation to Aspen Grove...I realized how brown I really am
  • I went to the Beach Trip with the Russ'
  • I turned 18, and saw Cirque du Soleil for the first time
  • We made a crazy gingerbread village for Christmas
  • I drove 2356 miles away from home to go to BYU-Idaho
  • I planned an international food and dance festival
  • I later planned a luau and officially decided that polynesians are my favorite people on this earth
  • I auditioned to be a character for Disney World, I didn't get the gig, but the audition process was awesome
  • I worked as a Professor of Imagination at Walt Disney World, EPCOT
  • I watched a lot of fireworks
  • I watched seasons 1-4 of LOST in one month
  • I voted for the first time, in a Presidential election
  • I saved a baby sea turtle on my 19th birthday
  • I drove from Florida to Idaho without my mother...and made it
  • I managed the school's humanitarian service project, and later coordinated that same project along with the blood drive
  • I explored through some ice caves
  • I went through a really rough experience and realized again how grateful I am for the gospel in my life
  • I decided to be a Political Science major
  • I went to Disneyland...a lot
  • I went to Vegas a lot
  • I went on the most amazing road/camping/hiking trip of my life with one of my most favorite sister
  • I went to New York for the first time
  • I stopped being a teenager, and had a funeral for my teenage years
  • I served as a council member for a program called Student Spirit Events, and it changed my life
Just simple memories that probably don't mean anything to anyone but me. I just think it's crazy that I've come from being a 5th grader who sat on top of a hill, with her classmates, protesting against being forced to exercise during recess (oh the beginnings of puberty, and stinky sweat) to a 20 year girl who lives in Idaho, is considered a "student leader," and enjoys discussions that revolve around foreign affairs. I guess now's the part where I make goals for the next year and do my very best to a) remember them and b) complete goes nothing

  1. Read the Book of Mormon in Spanish
  2. Find and internship
  3. Record my adventures
  4. (and for the sake of family history class) Find a member of my family whose temple work hasn't been done, and do it!
Here goes nothing